What is FUEL?

FUEL Strength & Wellness Studio is a boutique fitness studio delivering a comprehensive personalized workout in a small and intimate environment.

Beyond the Ordinary?

At FUEL we do not house treadmills, ellipticals or universal weight machines; many of our exercises utilize body weight as well as industry leading state of the art functional equipment. Our workouts will utilize rowers, free weights, kettlebells, suspension trainers, medicine balls, pull up bars and more.

Our clients will burn more calories, experience lean muscle growth, break through fitness plateaus, achieve personal bests and more easily perform activities of daily life. Our team is highly talented, credentialed, experienced and passionate using the latest testing methods to help you achieve your goals in a safe effective manner. Our program is inclusive and adaptive.

Customized Approach

Each workout is custom designed for the client and equally effective regardless of gender, fitness level or experience. Our trainers expertly modify exercises, scale weight loads and demonstrate alternative moves that vary in intensity, providing everyone a challenging yet attainable workout.

Every aspect of FUEL has been thoughtfully crafted to provide clients the ideal environment to attain their goals. Our studio is intimate, not intimidating, our music is motivating, and our trainers are experts.


The desire to learn and the willingness to teach make Jeff a true standout in the field. I would recommend him to anyone.

— Barry Weinberg (Assistant Athletic Trainer,
St Louis Cardinals)


He helped change my whole view of food, fitness, and lifestyle.

— Esme Bartell


The fact that I’m still there three years later says a lot.

— Peter Miller


Going in, I didn’t have a good idea of what I wanted to achieve. Jeff helped me define what I was looking for in an exercise.

— Larry Kirschner


He was the first person to introduce me to a lot of nutrition concepts that I didn’t know about.

— Esme Bartell


Jeff was able to adapt a lot of things based on whether or not I was fatigued or if I simply didn’t like the particular exercise that he had me doing.

— James Hall


Jeff can make a program for you. He can teach you how to do everything and then you can work out on your own.

— Esme Bartell


He’s very helpful, still to this day actually. If I have any questions about diet, training, or what I should be doing, I still call him.

— James Hall