In-Home Training

style=”color: #ffffff;”>60-min. session

FUEL’s expert training in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Private Coaching

60-min. session

Nutritional coaching, manual stretching and/or soft tissue work.


Semi-Private Training

50-min. session

Bring a friend or your spouse for a fun couples workout.


Group Training

50-min. session

Come with friends or by yourself!  FUEL will build a group for you.


Private Stretching

30-min session

Soft tissue work, as appropriate.


Posture/Movement Assessment

Assessment to identify postural imbalances and muscular weaknesses.  FUEL utilizes these results and integrates them with your goals to develop a scientific and artistic plan to help you succeed.  At FUEL we have a motto: if you are not assessing, you’re guessing!


Nutrition, Stress, Digestion, & Sleep Analysis

60-90 min.

Lifestyle coaching session.


Program Design

FUEL will design a program customized specifically for you to achieve your goals even if you’re traveling or away at school.


Bio Sig/Body Fat

This test helps us design a customized nutrition and supplementation strategy to assist in correcting the body’s hormones for optimal health and fat loss.


Phone/Skype Consultation

FUEL is available for phone/Skype consultations to address your strength and/or wellness goals.


Nutritional Supplements

At FUEL we want all of our clients to feel their best.  We offer personalized supplementation protocols for your fitness goals, optimal health and overall wellness.